MNE Airdrop

👉 Make sure to follow on Twitter, MNE Announcements and MNE Telegram for the latest updates.

👉 The recommended wallet for this airdrop is Metamask (PC/Android/iOS)

👉 After the airdrop you need to connect Metamask/Your wallet to the Respective Blockchain Network (ETH2, FTM, AVAX, CELO, OPTIMIST, ARBITRUM, PULSE CHAIN), make sure you know how to do it by checking online

How it works:

👉 You can submit as many addresses as you want

👉 The addresses must be in ETH address format (the same ETH address can be used across all blockchains)

👉 When you submit one address it will automatically be added to all blockchains (ETH2, FTM, AVAX, CELO, OPTIMIST, ARBITRUM, PULSE CHAIN) once the airdorp is distributed

👉 Each address will receive an estimated transfer with 1,000,000 MNE (Genesis Address Level 1)

👉 Genesis Addresses perform the mining process in Minereum, they will mine an estimated 3 MNE per day (values to be determined at launch)

👉 To start the mining process users will require to upgrade their Genesis Address to Level 2 or 3 by paying a fee

👉 All fees collected will be distributed to the MNE Fee Share Holders

👉 The initial sale for the MNE Fee Shares is open and anyone can acquire them! See the left side menu for more details

👉 For more information see the latest announcement for this Airdrop and Fee Shares here

👉 NOTE 1: In this MNE version all addresses are Genesis Addresses Level 1 by default. The airdrop participants have the advantage of getting the Airdrop Transfer event in advance so their balance is always visible in wallets, explorers, etc.

👉 NOTE 2: After the airdrop is distributed you will be able to view your coins on the respective blockexplorer like etherscan.com, ftmscan.com, snowtrace.io, celoscan.io, optimistic.etherscan.io, arbiscan.io and you will be able to manage your address (upgrade, transfer, destroy, set for sale, etc.) by using the Minereum Platform to be launched soon. Dates for the airdrop distribution and Minereum Platform Launch for ETH2, FTM, AVAX, CELO, OPTIMIST, ARBITRUM and Pulse Chain are still TBD, we will inform when we have more information. Make sure to follow our Twitter and the Telegram chennels for the latest information. The aidrop will run for an undefined period of time. Some time before the airdrop ends we will make an announcement. We plan to have the airdrop running for few weeks.

👉 NOTE 3: ETH2 and Pulse Chain are not launched yet